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VIPA Body Protectors are custom designed in Australia for Equestrian Riding, Leisure Riding, Horse Racing, Show Jumping, Eventing, Bull Riding, Harness Racing, Playing Sport, Working with Animals & Livestock on the Ground, and Rehabilitating. VIPA Body Protectors feature a unique square design that allows flexibility and freedom of movement, enabling you to ‘roll with the fall’. They offer consistent performance and feature holes allowing air circulation throughout the VIPA Body Protectors for maximum comfort. VIPA Horse Riders Body Protectors have been tested and passed EN13158:2018 standard. The VIPA III Body Protector Level 3 complies with Equestrian Australia, Pony Club Australia and Australia Racing approval standard EN13158:2018 Level 3. VIPA also offer other Safety products. Find your local stockist or contact us for further information.
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Body Protection Vests for Horse Riding, Harness Driving, Playing Sport, Caring for Animals, Rehabilitating
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The new Equestrian Australia and Pony Club Australia rule for cross country Body Protectors: Body Protectors are mandatory/compulsory for cross country. A Body Protector must comply with one of the following standards: EN13158:2018 Level 3 BETA 2018 Level 3 E.A. rule change was published as: EA 538.3.1 Cross-Country Body Protector PCA rule change was published as: PCA National Gear Rules 2022: 1.04 Body Protectors VIPA III (Level 3) Body Protector complies with Equestrian Australia and Pony Club Australia approved standard: EN13158:2018 Level 3 All VIPA Body Protectors for Horse Riders are annually tested and pass to the EN13158:2018 Standard Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Confirmation of the Standard it passes can be found on a White Label positioned on the inside at the bottom front by the start of the zip.